Sunday, March 18, 2012

Glory be!

What a week! So many signs of spring all at once. 

* Last saturday we awoke to a foot of snow on the ground.  Totally unexpected and apparently our town seemed to hit the jackpot with everyone around us getting less. The weather forecast called for up to two inches of snow but that's about it. Instead we got a FOOT!!! Luckily the temps shot up and most of it had melted by the afternoon.

* By Monday we had temperatures in the low 70's, our first thunderstorm, and . . . PEEPERS! Two weeks early no less. Oh Joy! Nothing says spring like the sound of thousands of little frogs singing their hearts out to the heat of a warm spring day.

 * Wednesday morning for the first time the Robins started singing, loudly. I think my heart is singing too! 

photo available in both my Society6 and Red bubble shops

Instead of publishing photos I've recently shot I decided to seek out some summertime shots. They just make me feel so good. Warm and sunny are the words they bring to mind. Lets face it, enough of the cold weather. In local gardens I see plants rising from flower beds about to burst forth all the goodness they've been storing this past winter. Even my clematis is budding!

And I'll be darned if allergy season hasn't begun! 

Isn't the image above beautiful?! It's a seed catalog cover and is available at the Smithsonian Institution Library. Their selection of old seed catalog covers, and backs, are amazing to look at! Just the art alone is incredible. Permission for their images states: 'Smithsonian Libraries provides free and open access to its digital images and the images may be freely downloaded for personal, research and study purposes only'

That said I plan on printing two of them out and framing them for my kitchen. The above cover is one of my favorites! I'm sure if you go looking you'll find a favorite too. And if not you'll love browsing through them just for the history.

Lastly, if you didn't know, and are interested, Kim Klassen (love her blog and photography style) is hosting a FREE Photoshop Skinny-mini eCourse. It's a 10 part course to help you learn a bit more about Photoshop CS or PSE. I signed up, will you? After all if there's one thing I love about blogging it's that we can always learn something new. To register go here. The course starts tomorrow so you better hurry! Don't forget, it's FREE!!!

As always thank-you for visiting! Sending good wishes for a wonderful week : )


sarah c said...

I just love your photos. Your eye & your editing just wow. Each post gets better and better. Thanks for the link looks great & I may print a few as well.

Pamela Gordon said...

We got a foot of snow from the same storm! And it was also predicted to be just a few centimeters. The weekend has seen us with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures so that snow is gone along with a lot of the base snow. There are robins around and crocuses are blooming but that's about it. It's mud season here! LOL Enjoy the week. Hugs, Pamela

Lisa said...

Sharon how very stunning are your photos. I love that bike. What an amazing photo and the vintage seed photo.
Hope all is going well.
So glad you did visit my blog. Thank you

Carol Mattingly said...

Beautiful, gorgeous images as always. Have a wonderful week. Carol

MariCrea said...

Love old bicycles...
Enjoy a beautiful day

Mary said...

Hello neighbor! ;)
Yes I highly recommend Art's Dune tours...I wonder when they begin? It would be more than a day trip for you probably? It takes us about three hours to drive to Provincetown.
I loooove that seed packet pic! WHat a great piece of art!!
Yeah, I live on the fourth floor of a condo and all I can hear for hours each night are the spring peepers. Right thru my window. Sooo loud...I taped them on my phone today, perhaps I will post them online! Do you know they are like an inch long? Amazing. The sounds of spring...ahhhhh!

GailO said...

It has certainly been an unusual winter and early spring this year! Today was in the mid seventies here and it is supposed to get warmer later in the week...unheard of in March! I am worried that there hasn't been enough moisture...the soil already seems too dry and I refuse to water this early!

I have already taken Kim Klassen's Skinny mini photoshop class and her Photoshop Essentials class...they are both great. I love the way she teaches...very easy to understand:) Now I am taking the year long Beyond Layers class ...although I am already at least one week behind I'm afraid:) Fun! but a bit time consuming...isn't it all?

Enjoy this week's fantastic weather!!

Susannah said...

Hello Sharon....I want to tell you that I bought some of your notecards from Red Bubble. They are stunning! I adore them. I will be ordering more. I send many notes and cards and I am so proud to be using your photographs. Thank you so much.

How surprised to see the seed catolog cover print from my area - Rochester, NY. I will be sure to wander over and see what other ones they have. This one is beautiful.

As always, Sharon, I love coming to your blog and look forward to each and every post. Your photos are the best!


Som mine dager er said...

Summer is absolutely my favorite part of the year, and I´m not a winter person. So nice to see some summer photos, and my heart sings together with yours when watching them :-)

Luckily it is summer most of the year here in Kuwait, but summer is unbearably hot. But then we go back to Norway for a month to have a mild and rainy summer instead.


Georgianna said...

I do LOVE those first two images, Sharon. I'm so glad you put them in your shops. And the first robins singing is one of the most special moments of spring. Soon I'll switch from being a night owl to an early bird as I can't bear to miss a second of the dawn chorus each morning.

Have a lovely week, my friend. xo – g

Donna said...

Hi Sharon - gorgeous photos (even if they are old) and my clematis is sprouting some green leaves and coming back to life as well! This weather is just crazy! But I'll take it! Enjoy the spring!!... Donna

Susan said...

Such beautiful images here, Sharon. Thank you for sharing this beauty & getting us excited for spring/summer! This weather is just beautiful - aren't we blessed?
Take care,

Cait O'Connor said...

I didn't realise you blogged here till now! Just went to your old New England one, will visit again.

Carolynn said...

Well, it's nice to know we're not the only ones still getting snow. Yeesh! We have a host of birds singing their little hearts out, including a few robins. I do hope Spring doesn't take too long to arrive. Thanks for the referral. I'm not sure I can do it, but I'll check it out.

sharon said...

love the first picture. Hasn't the weather been weird this year? We are enjoying 80 degrees this week after low 60's last week.

Donna said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying the beauties of spring. I have too (even if it is back in the 40s today after a long stretch of warm beautiful weather!). Hopefully the snow is gone for good and won't be back until next winter. I can't wait for summer!

El said...

So incredibly beautiful. Happy spring to you!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

A foot of snow? That's pretty crazy, and the news never even mentioned it. Glad it melted quickly for you... how is springtime up your way so far?