Friday, June 1, 2012


The garden is in bloom, and I couldn't be happier. I utterly love when the Wisteria bursts forth, followed by the Peonies. The two of them together bring a smile to my face every time. 

If you know Wisteria then you know it grows OUT OF CONTROL on a regular basis. During the height of summer I pretty much cut it back every week. Last week-end I knew it needed a trim as it had latched on to my double flowering Cherry tree. Rather than throw out perfectly good flowers I cut them all off the vines and brought them in, filling 3 containers.

 ~ In my kitchen~

* * * * *

I hadn't really planned on taking a month off from blogging, however, Sunday, May 6th, my dad had to go to the ER with viral encephalitis (causing a fever of 103), a stroke, and congestive heart failure. He was in the ICU for several days before being transferred over to the cardiac unit. Now he is home and doing quite well! It seems he and my mom are always going to doctors appointments but that's okay. At least they are taking care of themselves, which is a concern I've been voicing for a long time now. 

After several weeks of being home I've also gone back to work, so one thing sort of parlayed into another, taking me away from blogging. My attention span seems to have converted over to Instagram lately. It's just quick, easy, and fun!

The white handkerchief belonged to my grandfather, who passed away when I was 5 or 6 years old. The M was the first initial of his last name. We also shared the same birthday which I didn't realize until several years ago.

I've never brought Wisteria into the house before. Forewarning, always spray them for bugs first. After 3 days of being inside, well, let's just say they didn't seem so pretty anymore. Thank goodness my husband was home to take care of the situation or I would have freaked. Not to mention the cat had a mouse in the toilet the same day!

Okay, enough of that reality check. Back to prettiness : )

Wishing you all a great week-end! Looks like rain is in the forecast for us. Good for napping. Or shopping : )


Mary said...

Take care, Sharon. I wish all the Best for your Mom and Dad and YOU.

Chrissykat said...

Hope your dad will be okay. Nice that both of your parents are proactive in their health (with your encouragement). Your photos are beautiful as always. We have had a wisteria growing in our front yard for ten has never once bloomed.

Laura said...

So sorry to hear about your Dad, Sharon. I hope he is doing better. I miss my peony plants in Kentucky, but I know I can enjoy the beautiful flowers you photograph!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

What a great mouser your kitty cat is. *giggles*

So glad all turned out well for your dad. I'm sure it was a scare for the entire family to have him so ill.. but home again home again, right where he belongs.

Nice to see you here today, Sharon! Happy summertime to you.

Country Girl said...

There you are ~
I had begun wondering, but figured you were busy. So glad to hear your dad is doing ok after all that. Might have been the wake-up call he needed?
Your images are, as ever, scrumptious. 'Cept for those bugs!! Happy beginning of summer to you, Sharon. Enjoy your weekend ~

SD ~ Dawning Inspiration said...

Such beautiful images... love them.
So sorry for the bugs and present from the cat!

Carolyn said...

I love the soft romantic look of your beautiful photos!


Susannah said...

Hi Sharon, Thank Heavens your Dad is okay and doing well!

These are wonderful pictures! I love the white monogramed handkerchief!

GailO said...

So beautiful Sharon! There is a huge 40ft spruce tree along a road that I travel frequently that is completely covered in has simply gone wild and the scene is breathtaking while the wisteria is in bloom! Still, it can be enjoyed so much better close up and in the home:)

Sorry to hear about our father at the same time I am happy to read he is already home and doing well..they are lucky to have you:) So take care of yourself!

I too have been using Instagram so much more that blogging! Easier and portable! and it doesn't hurt my shoulder like being on the computer does.

Juliana said...

Lovely photographs, Sharon! The wisteria bloomed so early this year in my neck of the woods that I wasn't able to fully enjoy it's beauty or it's wonderful scent.

So sorry to hear about your Dad but am glad to read that he's doing better.

Lynda Naranjo said...

I have dreamed of having a lovely wisteria vine growing in my garden for as long as I can remember. Yours looks beautiful ... and I can only imagine how lovely it smells! I didn't know that it was that wild though.

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad. It's such a scary time when our parents start to develop serious health problems. I'm glad he's doing better now. A stressful time for you ... and to go back to work as well! Take care of yourself ... it's so easy to get pushed to the bottom of the list (or off the list entirely!) when someone is ill. xoxo

Janet said...

These pictures are gorgeous, Sharon! Love the wisteria...I remember the wisteria growing at the parents' father had to build a special arbor to hold was enormous! Glad to hear your father is doing better...hope all stays well!

Pat said...

These photos are so pretty and so inviting. Does the wisteria tree have poisonous pods?

Chy said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful Wisteria pics. Your blog is always so pretty!

Donna said...

It's good to see you again on your blog. I love the pictures (as always!). I'm glad to hear that your father is recovering well. I hope you're doing well too!

Janice Badger Nelson said...

Glad to hear your father is on the mend. How scary.
Your photos are beautiful, as always. They make me happy :-)
I love living in Park City, Utah; but really miss New Hampshire!

sharon said...

gorgeous pics of your wisteria. Love the setting.
Hope your family is on the mend and all is well.

El said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Glad he's doing better. The photos are lovely.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I am just now seeing this - glad your Father is doing much better.

Jan's camera said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing well now. Love these photos. I follow you faithfully daily on Instagram.

candis said...

So good to hear your father is doing better. Hugs Sharon! Life is stressful, isn't it. xoxo

I love your wisteria -- your images are so lovely. You capture a romantic quality about them. Beautiful. :)