Sunday, March 2, 2014

A few recent photos

I just thought I'd show you a few images from the past week or so. All were shot with my Samsung Galaxy s4. Something I might start using a little more on my blog because it seems I shoot more with my phone than my camera these days.

My husband and I discovered a new little coffee shop in Kittery, Maine and I love it! 

They serve sandwiches, soups and pastries but I think the Crullers and coffee are really where its at! Not to mention the funky interior atmosphere of the old bank with exposed brick, pipes, and safety deposit boxes built into the counter. 

If you live in the area you can also check out their reviews on Yelp


Driving home from Target. It's about a 5 mile trip which took close to half an hour. Not one car was off the road. We're New Englanders, we ain't scared.

Lily loves the fresh snow! She likes it a little bit more when she can run through it! In this photo it's above her back. That kind of takes some of the fun out of it. For me too, Lily.

Finally March is here. No reprieve yet in the bitter cold temperatures but I did catch sight of this a couple days ago ... 

It's a sign ...


Mary said...

Beautiful, Sharon! Being from Maryland I know some good driving skills in the snow. Farther north, you all are Professionals. Here in Charlotte, I stay home because folks down here don't have a clue that if there is ice, it will be slippery. They don't slow down in any weather.

Glorious pics :)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Enjoyed seeing the pics, but sure don't want the snow here. Usual crazy weather here - thunder storms with freezing temps. Lots of school closings, etc. in the area.
Hope you are dong well.
Have a great week.

Susan said...

Hi Sharon....Nice to see your post. Your comment about hardy New Englanders made me smile.

Ain't it the truth, though?

This winter's been a rough one (and getting a little long) but daylight savings is around the corner! Susan

Kerri Farley said...

Great to see a post from you!!! Lily blends in with that snow !! We have a Winter Storm warning in effect today....but we were in the 60s yesterday! Hurry up Spring!

Anonymous said...

Yep... we were raised in the Midwest so snow doesn't scare us much either. Great photos and i LOVE Kittery, Maine which we discovered a year and a half ago. Sweet sweet town!

Pamela Gordon said...

Lil's looks like a great coffee shop with lots of personality! I'll have to remember it the next time we're down that way. Love the photo of the sap buckets. A good sign indeed!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Lil's had me at the brick walls. *grin* Add a black chalkboard menu and I'm sold.

My, you got a lot of snow this year!

I confess, a little gasp escaped when I saw the maple syrup buckets on the trees. It has to mean that Spring is close. Yay!


Lynda said...

Love seeing the sap buckets, Sharon! I think that's always one of the first signs of Spring. Stay warm! xo

Anonymous said...

Sap buckets. I seriously just got all teary over sap buckets!

I grew up in New England but have been in NC for 30 years. There's a whole lot I miss and your blog always brings a flood of memories. The good ones.

Thank you!

Custom Comforts said...

Beautiful photos Sharon! Your snow looks so much prettier than ours hanging all over your trees.
I love how you all drive from state to state up there like we drive from city to city. Must be so nice to have all of New England at your fingertips. I think I'd enjoy living there except for your horribly cold winters.
Your little Lily looks like a dog my sister and Mom share. His name is Petey. I think they'd make a lovely couple.
Stay warm and safe.

EG CameraGirl said...

OH YAY! The sap must be running...or be about to.

Marianne said...

Great photos, Sharon! Driving on snow freaks me out (because I haven't done much of it) so I guess I don't have what it takes to be a New Englander. That might explain why I live in Arizona!